《Sisyphus' s Toy House》

As one of the 4 nominated games for Best VR Game in the 2016 China Indie Game Carnival, Sisyphus' s Toy House is a VR Room Escape game. The game had been published on HTC VIVE PORT, and got the home page recommendation.On the same time ,it had been lit up on the STEAM platform and on the publishing process.
VIVE PORT        address(Video Demo):
In Greek mythology, Sisyphus offended the gods and was punished to ceaselessly roll a rock up a hill, only watch it roll back down and to repeat the action for eternity. It is an endless cycle.
Looking inside ourselves, perhaps every one of us is a Sisyphus? Every now and then, we lock ourselves, close our minds and are haunted by loneliness. When struggling to break away, we may desperately find ourselves being forced back to where we started, like Sisyphus was.
In this game, you would experience a Sisyphean cycle. Try to get hold of your destiny, break the cycle and find your way out!
【Features of this game】
1.    Synchronization
The player would be locked in a multi-level-nested house. All manipulation on the small-sized model house would simultaneously take effect on the big house where the player stays in, and vice versa. Thus a mix strategy of working on both the small house and big house is needed.
2.    Cyclic Ending
Conventional way of escaping would only lead the player to reach another level of space, falling into an endless cycle. Try to understand the mechanism of the game, pay attention to hints and unlock the hidden victorious ending.
【Tips for playing】
Hold  Trigger  to pick up objects.
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